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Perhaps you may also find thousand of ways to run an online business however, WebStoreSupply.com differentiate itself from the traditional online business mode and provide you the most convenience and comprehensive solutions that fulfill all your needs:

WebStore ModuleIt does not involve tangible products or shipment, which enable you to skip the hassles of keeping inventories;
WebStore ModuleIt runs on autopilot, which omitted your need of hiring administrative;
WebStore Module It collaborates with reliable affiliates programmers, which enable you to run as an intermediary that does not have direct contact with customers;
WebStore Moduleand last but not least, it provides extensive supports, which allow you to own a unique webstore that is absolutely easy and ready-to-go!!


Look at the diagram below to find out how this amazing business works for you:

WebStore Supply Module - How It Works


Incomes of your WebStore are basically coming from 2 sources:

WebStore Supply Amazon Associates   WebStore Supply Google Adsense Ads

WebStoreSupply.com generates all Amazon’s most specific product category and present to you like a warehouse that displays unique products to your visitors. All related products are assembled in your WebStore and the products that are listed are readily available for sale. When your visitors intend to purchase the product through your WebStore, they will be connected to the Amazon’s website and proceed to the rest of the transaction. If the transaction is successful, Amazon Associate will pay a commission of up to 10% of the sale price to you. All you have to do is sit back and watch your sales rolling in, while the shipment of the actual product is handled by the product seller. Not only this, the most amazing part of this online business model is: all new products released on Amazon will be automatically updated onto your WebStore and Amazon will take care of all the invisible hard works for you!


Every pages of your WebStore come with fully optimized Google Adsense Ads to help you generate high click-through-rates. Google Adsense only place relevant ads that Earn Pay Per Click from Google Adsensesuit to the content on your WebStore, therefore you can expect a very high click-through-rate through your WebStore. After all, Google Adsense will pay you depending on the popularity of your WebStore – from a few cents to $50, if a visitor of you clicks it on your WebStore.

WebStore MoneyTake a look at the chart below to see your approximate monthly income based on this online business mode:

Number of Transaction Per Day
Approximate Income Per Transaction
Approximate Income Per Month

WebStore MoneyHere is an example of how possible the profit can be generated!

Pay Per Click
Clicks Per Day
Approximate Income Per Month


From there you can see, the WebStore model is built entirely on affiliate marketing (meaning you become the marketer for another retailers – Amazon Associate and Google Adsense), and your income generated from your WebStore are basically based on these two sources. You do not manage the transaction as your WebStore simply presents the available products and then passes the potential customers to the retailers – Amazon Associate and Google Adsense. The transactions will be completed at the retailers’ websites (not yours) and your bear no responsibility for the customer service. What you will get in return for your marketing efforts is the commissions paid by these two affiliate partners on monthly basis, by cheque or directly bank-in to your bank account!

So, the more visitors you have in your WebStore, the higher chance they will buy or click the affiliate links and hence the greater chance you will increase your income. Knowing how to build traffic to your WebStore is the key to make your online business more successful.

If you have no experience in doing business or building network, you do not have to worry too. Once you have become our member, we will provide you an inclusive tutorials of internet marketing guide and eBooks (free download!!), which enable you to learn how to run your WebStore from top to toe .


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Everthing you need is provided:

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  • Affiliate Products


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