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Want to know what will you get in return of the money you are about to pay as your e-business’ starting capital?
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Everything You Need Is Provided

Unlimited Support

  • Hosting – which you can select monthly, annually, or biennially subscription mode.
  • Free domain for life – e.g. www.yourdomain.wstrs.com (note: annually and biennially hosting subscribers will be given option to change your domain name into e.g. www.yourdomain.com without additional charges).
  • Professionally designed WebStore that consists of Pages (Store, Video, News, My Account, and Contact Us) and Affiliates (Amazon Associate’s unique product categories, and Google Adsense ads). Remember the WebStore you receive is complete functionable and ready to go!!

  • Superior Service: you will enjoy 24/7 website, hosting and technical supports from our committed team members and all your problems will be solved without fail.
  • Extensive Knowledgebase – which provide you Internet Marketing Guides that enable you to build traffic to your WebStore and market it effectively; User Guides that allow you to run the business without going through a Master Degree course, and for those who are familiar with the business module you will find the additional Knowledgebase here allow you to manage your WebStore with extra ease!
  • 25 eBooks for selection – free download of tutorials for Adwords, SEO, Online Marketing and many more.


Control Panel

Additional Bonus

  • cPanel – access to your hosting which include features like upload or download files, creating unlimited no. of subdomain names, FTP account and email account (e.g. yourname@webstoresupply.com).
  • WebStore Admin Panel – which include On page SEO, 1 unique header picture, self-edited or selected webstore color, affiliates tracking ID setup feature, add new Page feature, add own product feature, and also PayPal payment gateway setting.

Free WebStore

  • FREE Affiliate Setup
  • FREE 25 Marketing eBooks

Specially for annually & biennially hosting subscribers:

  • FREE Visitor Tracking Setup
  • FREE New Domain Name Register


You will get all that you needed to start your online business in our one-stop WebStore here!


WebStore’s Price Breakdown

Setup Fee:

USD 49.95 (one time payment)

Hosting Fee:

USD 8.95/mth, USD 6.95/mth (annually), USD 5.95/mth (biennially)

Price Freeze – Your purchasing price for the WebStore is freezed and not fluctuate when you renew monthly, annually or biennially.


Search from our webstore categories below and look for your desired webstore.


If you have any unique product category that you cannot find from here, you can suggest to us anytime! We can setup for you from the affiliate store.

WebStoreSupply - Simple The Best Supplier

Everthing you need is provided:

  • WebStore Design
  • Domain Name
  • Hosting
  • Affiliate Products


  • FREE Affiliate Setup
  • FREE WebStore Design
  • FREE Internet Markting Guide
  • FREE Domain Name for Life*

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